Today marks the start of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

I want to share this Mama’s story with you because, even though we’ve never met, her passion to teach, guide and share her strength with all families faced with the fight of beating cancer, has me so inspired and grateful to her for sharing such vital information with us all. Her sweet son, Kicker, is in the midst of fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. With a background and education in holistic nutrition, and an understanding of alternative medicine, Kicker’s mother Season, quickly implemented a very therapeutic and effective alternative and holistic treatment plan alongside the conventional cancer treatment plan of chemotherapy. Kicker has amazed his doctors at how incredibly well he has responded to treatment thus far. The goal of the KICKcancER Movement is to allow other families who are in the fight of their life, to have access to healthy food, as well as holistic and alternative treatment protocols. Through fundraising and private donations, they will be able to provide scholarships to organic farms, natural doctors, holistic supplements and many other alternative healing therapies to help these warriors thrive!

Please share this page and help support and encourage this Mama in her mission for healing!!